Summer Showcase

Masters of the Sky

Canadian military aviation history has been marked by exceptional heroes and their extraordinary exploits.

The Masters of the Sky exhibition relates the glory and misfortunes of these airmen through history.


State of Alert

 A first in Quebec, the multimedia exhibition State of Alert presents aircraft that criss-crossed the skies over the course of time.

using augmented reality technology, visitors are plunged into an unusual sensory environment that is truly unforgettable.

The Last Chapter

In Novembre 1943, the Allied leadership wanted to plan another assault by opening a major new front in the West. Thus, the beaches of Normandy, France are chosen as the location for the largest landing of the Second World War.


Canada's soldiers and the airmen of the Royal Canadian Air Force were thus plunged into the hellish final months of the conflict, as a ray of hope began to brighten the dark European skies. This exhibit, The Last Chapter, marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the bloodiest war in history.





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